Originally from Vancouver, I have now lived in the UK for more years than I lived in Canada; which is long enough for Canadian family and friends to think I sound 'so English' but not long enough for anyone in the UK to think so. 

Prior to graduating from KLC School of Design in London I worked as a camerawomen for Nickelodeon and Channel 5 which, although not an obvious route into interior design, is more connected than you might think. Although each job requires specific technical and creative abilities, I think, at their hearts, both are about the ability of instinctively knowing what is aesthetically pleasing.  

I have worked on both residential and commercial properties across the UK.  Including short term let apartments in Edinburgh, new build apartments in London and period properties in Bristol and Bath. I also love reading and writing about interior design and have had articles published in a variety of Bristol publications as well as writing a monthly newsletter.
A designer I worked with described my style as 'eclectic industrial'.    I hadn't really given much thought to naming my own style preferences as I just know what I like and what I don't but I think that's a fair description.  I love the mixture of old and new and the relaxed elegance and wow factor that comes from simplicity.  Above are some images that I've loved recently that have all of those elements.