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A consultation is for you
if you say...

"How do I create cohesion throughout my home?"

"There are too many paint colours to choose from."

"I feel like my home is lacking finishing touches."

"I have architect plans but I’m not sure how they’ll translate / what will fit in the new layout and if it will work for my family."

"I feel overwhelmed."


  1. Client questionnaire so we are fully prepared for your session.

  2. Two hour remote or home consultation (we'll discuss which most benefits your needs).

  3. Access to a design board which holds all feedback, inspiration and relevant links related to your consultation. 


This works best if you need specific help.  For example you don’t know: where (or have the time) to source items, how to pull a room together, how to choose paint colours or what layout will work best for you.  Typically, this is a home visit (if local)) where I spend up to two hours talking through everything that you would like help with and then I follow that up by creating an interactive board for you and add to it a round up of everything we discussed / points to remember as well as any helpful images or links that I think you would benefit from - which you can refer at your convenience.


*On occasion when I’ve felt that someone doesn’t necessarily need a full design but spending time at their home would not be the best use of time/benefit them the most I then spend the same amount of time working remotely.  An example would be someone who wants to see if their architect's plans would actually work in terms of layout and family / personal needs.


"Katherine came around to do a consultation with me and it was amazing what she could notice that I could no longer see having lived here for so long.  From small things to big, I've got plenty to be getting on with and I had an enormous amount of fun getting fresh, practical ideas for my home that won't cost a fortune.  She really knows what she is talking about and I'd recommend her to anyone. Brilliant!"

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