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"The purpose of life - to be happy inside.

The purpose of home - to be happy inside."

michelle ogundehin 

Welcome to our shop.

Interior design is not about the perfect cushion (although sometimes that helps) and it is not just for the very rich or the famous (although often it is).  Interior design is about creating a home that makes the best use of space, works for the people who live in it and tells the story of who they are. 

Everyone deserves a place to call home that they feel safe and happy to be in and this belief is behind how our design services are set up.  Making interior design more accessible. 

The pieces on our shop are seen across the high street but, through trade only accounts and lower overheads we can offer them at a better price.  They are also pieces that are generally classic and will work well within a variety of styles. 

If you are looking for something you can't see or you saw something here but at a lower price get in touch and we'll see if we help. 

*the inside shop coming soon.

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Spring is here!

Get ready to embrace the warmer days and longer nights ahead with our curated selection of garden furniture and accessories to suit a variety of styles, outdoor spaces and budgets. 


😎  Shop now so that when the sun comes out - you’re ready.  😎

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